My legal work. I have been a lawyer since 1997, practicing as a sole practitioner in northern Vermont (primarily Franklin, Lamoille and Chittenden Counties). I am based in Burlington, Vermont.

My expertise is in civil litigation/personal injury law, representing plaintiffs who have been injured by the negligence of others, whether by medical malpractice, negligent operation of a vehicle, unsafe products, or other actions causing harm. I also do consumer fraud litigation and FOIA (freedom of information) litigation.

I have recently expanded my practice to include elder and nursing home abuse, because there is a huge and growing need for assistance as baby boomers reach their golden years.  This is a time when they can be vulnerable to physical and mental abuse (in their own homes or in nursing homes)  scams, and undue influence from individuals who want them to change their wills! We want them to be safe and secure in their old age.

I also do family law, criminal defense, and real estate (title searches; home sales). If you are interested, give me a call.

The first consultation is free of charge.

For a more in-depth look at the kinds of cases I’ve taken on and the issues they raise, please go to More about my Law Practice.

My writing

I am the author of numerous articles, mostly published by Huffington Post, and two books, with another on the way about the Middle East. You can find out more by just googling my name.

My Other Professional Interests: I serve as a Commissioner on the Vermont Commission on Women. You can read more about me and the Commission by going to their website, http://women.vermont.gov/who_we_are/commissioners

To sum up: If you are my client, I will pursue your interests with zealous devotion. If you read my non-fiction books, you will find me thorough in the pursuit of evidence to back up my claims. If you follow my investigative journalism, the same applies. You can also hire me to do investigations. I love the thrill of the hunt!